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                            METAL LATH
                            ELECTRIC MOTOR
                            PLASTIC PIPE
                            STEEL PIPE
                            DECORATIVE MATERIAL
                            COOLANT PUMP


                                    Founded in 1959, the Zhejiang Topchance Group Co.,Ltd.,located in known as "paradise on earth" reputation of Hangzhou.In 1999 in cotton, linen national system of property rights in order to take the lead in implementing the system at the core of the reformcompany size and economic strength has been rapid growth,At present, developed into a registered capital of 178,000,000 yuan,in the scale of operation for more than 4,000,000,000 yuanimport and export amount of 130,000,000 U.S. dollars,have 16 members of the business,business covering cotton, chemical fiber, PVC, steel, coal, chromium, manganese and nickel-copper ore import and export business,into the storage container, property leasing, real estate development industry, such as large-scale integrated distribution companies,many companies were rated "contracts, keeping promises" enterprise in Zhejiang province and large-scale circulation enterprises,in 2004 by the National Gongxiaozongshe units as a "national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises."

                                    Since 1995, companies doing business with deep carefully main cotton at the same time, actively carry out "a business-oriented, diversified economy", are trying hard to develop new economic growth points, one after another the introduction of the chemical fiber, steel, coal, PVC, wood , Imports of mineral commodities, as well as a variety of import and export business is currently operating a number of companies have reached a size of the total scale of 70%. "One industry-based, diversified economy," the way for sustained and stable development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.
                                    Zhejiang Topchance Group Co.,Ltd of all employees will continue to work towards its "united, progressive, open and innovative" spirit of the products, in order to move the bulk of raw materials based on the operating to capital and industrial support for the operation to brand operation and intangible assets based, modern In order to protect corporate governance, and actively explore and intervene in a sunrise industry has become "a business-oriented, diversified economy," a comprehensive enterprise groups ahead goal!

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